Cut & Assemble the Capitol Building

US Capitol paper model

Cut & Assemble the Capitol Building: An Easy-to-Make Paper Model
a 1:500 scale model
by Matt Bergstrom
published by Dover Publications, 2017 ISBN 978-0-486-81474-2

The country's finest example of Federalist architecture, the U.S. Capitol Building represents a triumph of Neoclassical design. Inspired by the great buildings of ancient Rome, the Capitol also follows the architectural styles of England and France. The building possesses a complex history, encompassing major changes and additions with the growth and development of the country and its government. Despite the disparate visions of its many architects, the Capitol's ultimately harmonious design places it among the most beautiful and elegant seats of government in the world.


How to make the model
step-by-step instructions


techniques of paper model making revealed

Capitol People

Tiny citizens
more about the little people in the book

Thornton's Capitol

Building the Capitol
construction of the nation's statehouse

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