As the saying implies, your house is your free space to use as you choose. In a city this freedom to live as you please is often constrained by local building codes or the opinions of neighbors. But some home owners are brave enough to buck conformity and risk public disapproval in dwellings that stand a bit apart from their neighbors. Here are some such houses in Chicago, of several types:

What are you defending yourself from?

Neighborhood fortress Trash castle
Making enemies
Odd Shapes
Square houses are for squares
Cinder block boat
Outdoor Canvasses
Flat walls call for decoration
A friendly face The Pilsen Giant
The House of Crosses Cheetah House
Yard Shows
The antidote to minimalism is clutter
Wheels and horseshoes Auspicious dragons
Gargoyles aplenty Polka dot horticulture

Please note that all of these houses pictured are private property. These photos are not meant to intrude on the private lives of the citizens who live within.

Copyright 2010 Matt Bergstrom