One day while exploring the Pilsen neighborhood I came across this house.

There are quite a few murals in Pilsen. Like many Hispanic neighborhoods there is a long tradition of mural painting here and many professional mural painters seeking to advertise their skill. But this mural is exceptional in that it covers the entire house, wrapping all the way around to the garage on the alley.

The giant appears to be an immigrant, either pushing his way under the barbed wire fence of the border to a better life, or seeking to remove the wires and tangles that bind him. I'm not sure why he appears to be wearing a mask like the Phantom of the Opera, however.

The stonework on the wall below is cleverly incorporated into the painted house, giving a real sense of 3-dimensionality to the mural.

The first time I stopped by, the mural was nearing completion, after 2 years work. There is the artist, Hector Duarte, adding leaves to the corn stalks. And in fact the building is his studio.

Copyright 2010 Matt Bergstrom