Lost Houses of Lyndale
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2863 W Lyndale

2863 W. Lyndale

Norwegian immigrants Edward & Josephine Moe moved from their house at 2903 to this property in 1885. Edward had a varied career as a night watchman, police officer, carpenter and postmaster. He billed himself as a doctor when he first lived here, but a few years later returned to working as a laborer.

No doubt he had some interesting stories to tell of his misadventures. A September 1886 newspaper article tells of an incident when Edward was tending bar at a tavern on Milwaukee Avenue. A gang of ruffians commandeered the establishment and threw him out on his rear. Moe's bad luck continued when rustlers broke into the barn behind the house at 2863 a month later and stole several horses and a covered wagon, in one of the first burglaries on Lyndale Street.

The house was demolished in September 2016 along with the house next door at 2861.