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The White House

Cut out walls of the building and glue the corners together. Note that folds on either side of the South Portico are reverse (valley) folds, so that the South Portico is curved outward as shown in the diagram. Curl the paper around a pencil or stick to get the right curvature.
Glue the roof to the tabs at the top of the walls. Make sure the walls are straight and the corners of the building are perfect right angles.
Turn the model around and glue the Truman Balcony in place on the South Portico, so that the floor of the balcony is between the first- and second-floor windows.

Add the railing to the edge of the Truman Balcony.
Cut out the pillars for the South Portico and glue them to the tabs on the roof and the railing of the balcony. Fit the tiny notches at each side of the pillars at the roofline.
Turn the model around again. Cut out the pillars for the square North Portico and glue them to the tabs on the roof. Fit the tiny notches at each side of the pillars at the roofline.
Cut out the roof and walls for the third floor. Glue on each end of the roof. Match the walkway on each roof piece, so that the Secret Service can patrol the rooftop of the building.
Glue the third floor to the roof of the building. Center the third floor in the shaded area, and note which side of the roof should face north so that the North Portico rooftop in the next step matches correctly.

Cut out the North Portico rooftop, fold, and glue in place. If you lined up the third floor correctly in the last step, the small rooftop should fit perfectly inside the walls of the North Portico, with the pointed tip glued to the shaded area on the third floor roof.
Add the railings of the roof terrace. The ends of the railings should match against the ends of the railings of the North and South Porticos.
Cut out and assemble the solarium. This small rooftop building is an octagon shape and extends from the wall of the third floor above the South Portico. Glue the solarium in the shaded octagon on the terrace roof.
For the eight chimneys, you may find it easier to fold and glue all the chimneys at once. After the glue is dried, cut out the individual chimneys and glue them upright on the third floor rooftop in the places indicated.

Carefully cut out the tiny flag pole and glue it to the rooftop slightly toward the north side of the building. Strengthen the flag pole with a small drop of super glue on the back side of the paper, to make it sturdier.

Finally your White House paper model is finished!

Cut out the tourists and VIPs if you like, to place around the house.

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