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Mount Vernon ModelMount Vernon

Cut out the two large wall pieces. Note the reverse folds on the rear wall which become the ceiling and floor of the rear portico. When scoring the tabs on the front wall, be careful not to score or fold the center triangular gable.

Glue the two walls together.

Cut out the portico columns. You may find it easier to score and fold the corners first before cutting out the thin corner columns, as described in Tips & Techniques.
Cut out the roof. Reverse-fold the rear side of the roof. Glue the tabs underneath to form the roof shape. Glue the roof in place to the walls of the house.

Assemble the two tiny chimneys and glue in place at the ends of the roof.

Assemble the eight-sided cupola and glue in place in the center of the roof. Add the tiny cupola roof. Glue the two sides of the weather vane back to back and glue upright to the roof.

Cut out the sides of the seven dormers. Fold and glue these in place to the roof first. Then cut out the dormer roofs, folding each in half with a tweezers, or using the technique referenced above for folding small pieces.

Add the remaining dormer roofs as described in the previous step and the larger gable roof over the front door.

Now your Mount Vernon model is finished! If you like, you can cut out the tiny George and Martha figures to welcome the tourists visiting their home.

Mt Vernon Visitors

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