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Alcatraz modelAlcatraz Island

Cut out the two large pieces of the base. Score all the folds before gluing. Note that there are several reverse or "valley" folds on the sides.

Curl the rounded ends of the base sides against a round dowel or metal rod to match the sides of the base. Glue the sides in place on both bases. Place a small weight such as an eraser or a few coins on top of the base to hold the sides flat to the ground while the glue dries.

Assemble the other large piece of the base in a similar way. After gluing the sides in position, place an eraser or a few coins on top of the base to hold the sides flat without warping while the glue dries.

Glue the two parts of the base together.

Cut out the dock and sloping ramp piece. Reverse fold the dock area, and fold the ramp area slightly along the two fold lines. Glue the edge of the ramp to the base so that the ramp slopes up from left to right, lining up the white footprints for the buildings.

Score and cut out the hilltop. Note that there are several reverse or "valley" folds. Make sure each fold is scored before starting to glue the hilltop. Lastly, fold the bottom tabs underneath.

Place a little glue on the tabs underneath the hilltop and along the edges where there are no tabs. Glue the hilltop in place on the base. Place a small weight such as an eraser or a few coins on top of the hilltop to hold it firmly in place while the glue dries.
Assemble the hilltop spur. Curl the round side of the piece against a round dowel or toothpick to give it a curve to match the flat top. After the piece is dry, glue in place against the base and hill.

Cut out and assemble the parts of the main prison. Note the reverse folds of the building, and the front end of the building which has a slightly higher wall than the rest of the building.

Assemble the dining hall and glue the small end in place.

Glue the main prison in place on the hilltop, then glue the dining hall in place against the wall of the main prison and the hilltop.

Cut out and assemble Building 64, the Laundry, and the Model Industries Building. Fold the large tab of the Laundry building underneath. Note the reverse folds of the Model Industries Building. Wrap the side walls carefully around to match the irregular shape of the rooftop and glue to the side tabs.
Glue these three buildings in place. Match the position of the tab underneath the Laundry building to the building footprint marked on the base.
Score and fold the Recreation Yard Wall to match the rectangular shape of the white line on the hilltop around the recreation yard.
Place a small amount of glue on the bottom edge of the Recreation Yard Wall and the ends where it will connects to the main prison and dining hall walls. Position the wall in place using a tweezer.

Cut out and assemble the Sally Port and Chapel buildings. Note the valley fold which creates an "L" shape of the Sally Port. Fold the rooftops and glue in place on the inner tabs of the buildings.

Assemble the Electrical Shop with the roof glued down against the inner tab.

Glue the Sally Port into place on the footprint marked on the ramp. Then glue the Chapel to the side of the Sally Port, and the Electric Shop nearby.

Cut out the tiny retaining wall piece and fold at a 90-degree angle. The wall should fit between Building 64 and the Sally Port. Trim the wall piece if necessary to fit it snugly between the buildings and glue to the side of the base.
Cut out and fold the tiny bridge. The tab at top of the bridge is glued against the retaining wall, while the lower end of the bridge is glued to the white rectangle at the edge of the plaza in front of Building 64.
Cut out and assemble the Quartermaster Building, Powerhouse (A, B, & C), and Smokestack. Note the reverse fold on the roof of the Powerhouse A main building.
Glue the Powerhouse A building in place on the base. Line up the walls of the building carefully with the white building footprint.
Glue the Quartermaster Building against the left side of the Powerhouse A building. Then add the small B and C parts of the Powerhouse and glue the smokestack against the wall between them.
Cut out and assemble the Warden's House, Lighthouse, Dock Tower, Officer's Club and pieces of the Water Tower. Glue the roof of the water tower and water tank to the hexagonal water tower legs.

Finally, glue the warden's house, and lighthouse in place on the hilltop with a little glue along the bottom edge.

Place the tiny dock tower in the white square by the bottom of the bridge.

Turn the water tower so that its base matches the edge of the hilltop and glue in place.

Lastly, glue the officer's club where indicated by the light green building footprint.

Now your Alcatraz Island model is finished!

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