Route 66 in Chicago

Route 66 in Chicago

The most famous highway in America starts in the center of Chicago. For over 2,400 miles it winds west through little towns, plains, mountains and deserts, all the way to L.A., California.

The first few miles of the journey zigzag down busy streets of the city. Here and there are old roadside businesses dating from the picturesque days of auto tourism along the Mother Road.

Read the story of this historic travel route in the enclosed booklet, and see the sights along the way in three-dimensional photographs.

Seven 3D photos of sites along Route 66 in Chicagoland, playable in any View-Master® viewer.

Includes 8-page booklet illustrated with map and photos.

All photos are genuine 3D images, taken with twinned digital cameras, or with a single camera and slide platform.

$9.00 + shipping. ISBN 978-0-9843438-2-9

Look for Wurlington Press View-Master® reels at:

Paperish Mess - 1955 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago

Quimby's - 1854 W. North Ave, Chicago

Sacred Art - 4619 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Wolfbait & B-Girls - 3131 West Logan Blvd, Chicago