Flood and Flotsam

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Flood and Flotsam: A waterlogged voyage down Chicago's drain in a homemade boat

Where does the water go when it flows down the drain? In the summer of 2007, Matt Bergstrom and Mike Phippen scavenged discarded junk from Chicago's alleys to build a pedal-powered raft they christened the Water Bug. On a drizzly August day they set sail on an expedition to explore the natural and unnatural channels that drain the city. Through storms and floodwaters the two adventurers navigate a little-known industrial waterscape, confronting obstacles that nearly break apart their homemade craft. Flood and Flotsam is an account of a memorable one-way journey down Chicago's drain.

Pritzker Pavilion notebook

This 30-page softcover photo book describes the challenges of building the homemade boat and the author's five-day expedition down the Chicago River. Includes maps and illustrations.

by Matt Bergstrom
published by Wurlington Press, 2019
ISBN 978-1-7343485-0-7
Measures 9" x7"
$16.00 + shipping

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