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Washburne Trade School

Washburne Model

Download a free 3D Sketchup model of the school.

American Ruins: Washburne Trade School

This training school was once the pride of Chicago’s manufacturing trades. But now the magnificent former factory building is only a memory, like so many of the old industries which powered the city years ago.

Take a tour of this grand and fascinating place in 3-dimensional photos and follow the story of the building’s long history in the illustrated booklet.

One reel of 3D photos of the ruins, playable in any View-Master® viewer.

Includes 12-page illustrated booklet about the history of the building.

All photos are genuine 3D images, taken with twinned digital cameras, or with a single camera and slide platform.

$9.00 + shipping. ISBN 978-0-9843438-3-6


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