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Brach's Candy Factory

Brach's Model

Download a free 3D Sketchup model of the factory.

American Ruins: Brach's Candy Factory

Chicago was once America’s candy capital, with dozens of candy factories across the city. The E.J. Brach factory was the largest in the world, where over 3,000 workers turned out 1,600 different types of sweets. When the company moved operations to Mexico, the enormous factory complex was left to ruin.

Take a tour of this picturesquely decrepit place in 3-dimensional photos and follow the story of the building’s long history in the illustrated booklet.

One reel of 3D photos of the ruins, playable in any View-Master® viewer.

Includes 12-page illustrated booklet about the history of the building.

All photos are genuine 3D images, taken with twinned digital cameras, or with a single camera and slide platform.

$9.00 + shipping. ISBN 978-0-9843438-5-0


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