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Build miniature cardboard models of these landmarks.

Its easy! Download the pdf files linked below, then print on cardstock or heavy paper from your color printer. Follow the instructions in the pdf files to complete the assembly of each model. If you make a mistake, simply print out another to try again.

One Times Square model One Times Square

1:1500 scale paper model of the iconic skyscraper overlooking Times Square in two versions: as it was built in 1904 and as it currently appears. 1TimesSquare.pdf

Cleopatra's Needle model Cleopatra's Needle

1:300 scale paper model of the ancient Egyptian obelisk located in Central Park. Cleopatra.pdf

Little Red Lighthouse model Little Red Lighthouse

1:200 scale paper model of the picturesque little lighthouse at the north end of Manhattan. RedLighthouse.pdf

Union Carbide Building Union Carbide Building

1:2000 scale paper model of the mid-century modernist skyscraper which may soon be demolished. UnionCarbide.pdf


World Trade Center model World Trade Center

1:4000 scale paper model depicting the World Trade Center complex in New York. A paper memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001. WTC2002.pdf



Find more free models on Build Your Own Chicago and Wurlington Press

There are many more free downloadable paper models on the web, far too many to list here. Instead, visit the comprehensive collections of links found on:

Having trouble reading the downloaded files? Get the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.