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Sutro Tower modelSutro Tower


Before cutting out the sides of the tower, note that the fold at the "waist" of the tower should be scored on the back of the paper (see Tips and Techniques for help in scoring valley folds). Likewise the two arms at the top of the tower should be scored on the back of the paper first and then folded forward.

After cutting out the side pieces and folding to the right angle, glue the sides of the tower together. Match the open girders at the bottom of the right leg of the middle piece to the open girders on the left leg of the right-hand piece to assemble the tower in the correct configuration.


After the first two sides are dry, glue the third side of the tower in place.

Cut out the halves of the three antennas and glue the two sides together.

Glue the three antennas inside the corners of the top of the tower.

After the antennas are in place and the glue has dried, you can strenghthen the thin antennas with a drop of super glue on the edge of the piece, as described in Tips and Techniques.

Now your Sutro Tower is complete!

If you are looking for a more challenging realistic model, you can cut out the grey open areas of the sides before assembling (cut off the tabs as well and glue the legs to each other along the edge of the paper).

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