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Old Post Office ModelThe Old Post Office

Cut out walls of the building and fold into a rectangular shape. Note that the middle bay of the rear of the building folds inwards.

Fold down the tiny rooftops at the front and sides of the building.

Cut out the small sections of wall which form the bays on the sides of the building. Test to make sure the walls fit around the tiny rooftops before glueing in place.
Cut out the tower. Note that the top walls of the tower fold back (mountain folds), while the stairs and the bottom walls which form the bay at the front of the building fold forward (valley folds). See tips for how to mark and score valley folds.

Fit the bay over the tiny rooftop at the front of the building, and glue in place. Adjust the stairs to match the bottom of the arches and secure with a tiny drop of glue.

Cut out the mansard rooftop and fold the sides down.
Cut out the four tiny roofs, score, fold and glue them into shape. Note that two have slightly longer sides than the other two.
Cut out the base of the roof and fold down the flaps. Then glue the mansard roof in place, taking care to line up the location of the tower at the front of the roof. Lastly, glue the four small roofs in the corners, matching the longer or shorter sides at the front of the roof (tower side) or rear of the roof.

Cut out the atrium roof and fold the tiny flaps down. Score the reverse folds (valley folds) on the atrium end pieces and fold to match the shape of the center piece. Glue in place.

Carefully slide the assembled roof piece up inside the walls. The base of the roofs should line up with the top of the walls, and the mansard roof should fit against the bottom of the clock tower.
Finally, add the atrium roof, with its tiny notch fitting around the base of the clock tower.

Then, add the pyramidal roof of the clock tower, and you are finished!

Cut out the little people, if you like, to place around the building.

Post Office Shoppers

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