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Pentagon modelThe Pentagon

Cut out the main part of the building. Score and fold the inner tabs down. Fold the walls down and glue the tabs at the corners.

Cut out the two colonnades and fold the sides. (Note that the outer tabs are reverse or valley folds scored on the back, while the inner folds are mountain folds scored on the front of the paper.) Glue the colonnades to the walls of the building, with the tabs tucked inside the wall.

  Score the folds for the inner courtyard on the reverse side of the paper. Then cut out the courtyard and glue so that the printed side faces inwards.

Turn the courtyard piece so that the corner where the ends meet points toward or between the two colonnades. Glue the courtyard inside the tabs, matching the roof level to the top of the courtyard piece.

Now your model of the Pentagon is finished!

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