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Lincoln Memorial

Cut out walls of the monument and the rooftop. Glue the rooftop inside the walls so that it is slightly recessed.

Cut out the hollow center of the outer rooftop. Fold the flaps down carefully (this is much easier if you score the folds first to get a crisp fold on the dotted line). Test to make sure the outer rooftop fits around the walls, and bend back the folded flaps if necessary to enlarge the center hole. Glue the flaps of the outer rooftop to the shaded places indicated on the walls.

Cut out the colonnade and fold into a rectangle. Test to make sure the colonnade fits over the flaps of the outer rooftop and bend the flaps farther inward if necessary so that the colonnade fits snugly to the rooftop and that all the columns match the ground correctly.

When the glue of the colonnade is dried, you may wish to add a tiny drop of super glue to the back of the columns to stiffen the paper and make your model sturdier.

Finally your Lincoln Memorial paper model is finished!

Cut out the tourists and VIPs if you like, to place around the memorial.

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