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Jefferson Memorial modelJefferson Memorial

Cut out the inner wall of the memorial. Curl the paper around a dowel or round pencil to create a cylinder. Glue the tab inside the end of the cylinder.

Score the triangular tabs of the roof and cut out. Line up the four lines on the tabs of the roof with the four groups of columns on the inner wall. Each opening between the columns gives a glimpse of the Jefferson statue at the center of the memorial.

Cut out the outer walls of the memorial. For a more detailed model, you can cut out the spaces between the columns of the outer wall. Curl the outer wall against a dowel or round pencil to match the shape of the roof. Glue the outer wall to the roof.

Add the optional inner entrance wall.

Cut out the round wall at the base of the dome. Curl and glue into a cylinder shape. Glue the edge of the wall to the center of the roof. Place the seam forward.

Score the small peaked roof and glue in place in the front of the memorial and against the round wall.

Cut out the dome. Curl into a cone shape and glue the tab inside.

Fold the four triangular tabs down slightly and glue the round center of the dome in place.

Glue the middle roof in place on top of the circular base, then glue the dome in place with the seam facing toward the back.

Now your Jefferson Memorial model is finished!

Cut out the tourists and VIPs if you like, to place around the memorial.

Jefferson Memorial model

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