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Gateway Arch

Cut out the two sides of the arch. Fold the tabs back against the sides. Glue the two pieces together by fitting the tab on one piece to the gap on the other, like a zipper. Start at one end of the arch and glue a few tabs at a time to fit the two pieces together tightly without wrinkles.

Cut out the back of the arch with the small tab at the end. Fold the tabs in at a sharp angle before adding glue and fitting the piece into the V-shape of the sides. Start at the bottom and fit the piece into place carefully to make a smooth curve.

A tweezer or toothpick will help tuck the tiny tabs between the narrow sides at the top.

Lastly, glue the shorter back of the arch, starting at the bottom and working upward carefully. The end of the piece will overlap the other back piece at the top of the arch.

Now your Gateway Arch model is finished!

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