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Foshay Tower modelFoshay Tower

To start your Foshay Tower model, first score the fold lines on the tower. Cut out the tower piece. Fold the corners carefully using a tweezer or by pressing the paper against a sharp edge of a ruler to make a crisp straight fold at a 45-degree angle.

Fold the top of the tower down and glue the tabs inside the walls of the tower.

  Next cut out the pyramid top of the tower. Note that the pyramid and tower are not perfectly square but rectange shaped. Line up the corner where the edges of the pyramid meet with the back corner on the tower where the edges meet, and glue in place.

2 Score and cut out the base of the tower. Note the reverse (valley) fold at the back of the building where two walls meet in an inward-facing corner. Fold the walls down and glue the tabs at the corners.
Cut out the two sides of the antenna and glue back-to-back.

Finally, glue the tower to the base, and insert the antenna into the square at the top of the tower. You can strenghten the thin antenna with a drop of cyanoacrylate glue soaked into the paper (see Tips).

Now your Foshay Tower model is finished!

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