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Ferry Building modelFerry Building

Start with the the smaller north end of the building. Score the valley folds on the reverse side of the paper (as explained in Tips & Techniques), and score the roof mountain folds on the front of the paper. Cut out the pieces.

To make a straight long fold, place the fold line over the edge of a table or the sharp corner of a book or wood block. Press the paper over the edge gently to get the fold started, then crease.

Shape the angles of the roof to match the roofline of the sides. Then glue the sides to the tabs.


Score and fold the roof of the south end of the building in a similar way to the north end. Shape the angles of the roof to match the roofline of the sides.

Glue the north and south halves of the building together and glue the sides around the north sides.

Cut out the front entryway. Note the reverse folds of the tabs. Slip the tabs inside the south walls and glue to the back of the walls.

Cut out the tower and assemble into a rectangle. Assemble the upper level of the tower into a small cube and glue on roof of the lower tower.

Glue the two halves of the cupola and dome together and then glue upright to the top of the upper level. You can strengthen the tiny flagpole with a drop of super glue, as explained on the Tips & Techniques page.

Glue the tower to the roof of the building. Note the small angles at the base of the tower which match the angle of the roof at the back of the tower.

Finally, cut out the two Port of San Francisco signs and glue to the roof in the places indicated by white outlines.

Now your model of the Ferry Building is finished and ready for busy commuters!

Ferry Building Detail
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