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Capitol ModelUnited States Capitol

Cut out the large rooftops and walls. Cut out the thin slots on the walls. Score and fold the corners and tabs. Note the reverse or "valley" folds on the walls. Glue the two walls pieces of the central building together.

The rooftop tabs marked by letters "C" to "G" hang over the notched parts of the walls. Match the location of each letter. Glue the rooftops in place so that the roof is level slightly below the top of the wall, making a tiny balcony around the roof.

Match up the tabs marked "A" and "B" with their locations on the central building and glue in place.

Score the small balcony pieces "C" to "G". Before cutting out the small pieces, write the letter of each on the back of the card with a pencil so that they are easier to identify.

Put a little glue on the edge of the balcony pieces and insert the bottom tab into the slots of the walls to secure them in place.

Cut out the three dome supports and slip the notches over one another.

Cut out the dome. Curl the triangular dome sections by pressing the paper against a round dowel or rod.

Place the dome with the printed side down and glue the dome supports in the center.

Bend the triangular section with the octagonal tab into place first and glue to the middle of the dome supports.

Put a little glue on the edge of the dome supports and on the end of the triangular part, then bend it into place.

Proceed around the dome, gluing every other section.

After the first sections are dry, continue gluing the remaining dome sections in place.

Score and cut out the three staircases. Fold the sides in and glue.

Cut out the Statue of Freedom and glue back to back.

Roll the small cupola into a cylinder and glue the circular rooftop on top. Then glue the statue to the rooftop.

  Roll the tiny balcony into a cylinder and glue in place on top of the dome. Then glue the cupola to the top of the dome. Before the glue dries, look at the dome from several angles to make sure the cupola is centered and straight.

An optional step is to add the two smaller dome rooftops.

Roll the two tiny cupola walls into cylinders and glue the two copper rooftops on each.

Cut out the two copper domes and roll into cone shapes. Glue the cupola on top of each.

Cut out and assemble the octagonal dome base, and the two cylindrical dome bases. Glue each in place with a little glue along the bottom edge of the piece.

Add the top of the dome to the tower.

Glue the two smaller domes in place on each side of the central building.

Glue the three staircases in place on the east side of the building. Gently place a ruler or flat object on the edge of the staircase to hold it in place while the glue dries to make sure the stairs stay flat.

Place the Congressmen and lobbyists in front of your Capitol building for a press conference.

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