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Cable Car modelSan Francisco Cable Car

Cut out the two sides of the cable car. The small steps near the front and back of the sides are reverse-folded out from the cable car. Score on the back of the paper and use a tweezer to carefully fold the small steps outward.

Cut out the underside of the cable car. Fold the tabs back and glue to the inside of the sides of the car. Line up the corners of the underside with the corners of the tabs on the sides.

Cut out the two ends of the cable car and glue each in place. Line up the top edges of the ends of the car with the top edges of the sides.

Next cut out the roof piece. Score the fold lines and glue the tab to the end. Test fit the roof to see that the slope of the roof is correct and matches the top of the car before gluing in place. Roll the front and back ends of the roof against a round pencil to give them a slight curve to match the ends of the car.

Carefully score and cut out the clerestory windows for the roof. Use a tweezer to fold the tabs inward without mangling the paper. Place a little glue on the edge of the paper and set in place on the car roof.

Cut out the clerestory roof. Curl the roof piece against a round pencil or dowel to give it a slight curve to match the top of the clerestory window piece before gluing in place.

Score and cut out the wheels. Fold the rear of the wheels inward and glue the tabs inside. Fold the front bumper of the wheels down.

Glue the two wheels to the underside of the cable car with the front bumpers facing toward the ends of the car.

Now your cable car model is finished! All aboard!

Cable Car model

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